11 May, 2018

Summer travels......

In just four days time, I'll be finishing work for a couple of months and heading off on my travels. Not only do I plan to find more amazing places to feature on my blog, but I also need a bit of downtime, so forgive me if I don't post for a few weeks - I'll be back with some holiday ramblings very soon! 

In the meantime I'd love to hear where you plan to go this summer, whether you're planning an exotic trip or staying at home to explore the delights your own country has to offer. Whatever your plans, let me know them, and if you find anywhere I should be featuring on my blog....please get in touch. Happy travelling, and don't worry.....the 'lightbulb' will be switched on again soon! 

04 May, 2018

Travel Photo Friday: Sunny Greece

The Greek island of Skyros is so picturesque that I really struggled to pick one photo to feature - I could have used a whole lot more, but to me, this one sums up what the Greek islands are all about. Baking heat; stunning scenery and beautiful islands in the distance longing to be explored! 

If you've got a top tip for a particular Greek island you've enjoyed visiting, I'd love to hear all about it! 

27 April, 2018

Brightening up the subway in NYC

If you find yourself on the subway in New York City, then make a special trip to Eighth Avenue station because you will find a surprising little collection of permanent art. 

 'Life Underground' is a cartoon inspired project by Tom Otterness that was commissioned when the station was renovated in the 1990's. 

He was inspired by going through old photos of the construction of the subway in the 1890s, which showed workers carrying giant tools. Another source of inspiration was the work of 19th century political cartoonist Thomas Nest. 

 Whatever the inspiration though, I loved discovering the little figures - and it could take you quite a while, because there are around 130 sculptures hidden all over the station - and too many to include in one blog post, so you'll have to go and discover them for yourself! 

Some of the sculptures are shiny having been touched by commuters, so it's easy to spot the most popular ones! If you want to find them, head to 14th St./Eighth Ave station - the intersection of the A, C, E and L lines. You won't regret it!