23 February, 2018

Travel Photo Friday: Winter isn't over yet!

I recently had a wonderful flight up to Edinburgh. Normally the cloud cover in the UK drives me crazy, but on this day, the skies were clear and I had a fabulous view over the snowy hills below.

I love taking photos from the plane - it just feels like you're in another world when you're flying high! Have you got any photos you'd like to share that you took on a flight? Feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

16 February, 2018

One for the mountain climbers

When I first saw the photo below, it reminded me of the scenery in the film Jurassic Park. I thought it was taken on a remote island somewhere....but it's not.....and you may not believe me, but this stunning photo was taken in Spain! 2018 marks the centenary of the official opening of the Picos de Europa national park. That makes it one of the oldest parks in Europe. It's accessible not only by flights to Bilbao, but also via ferries which dock in Santander.

If you love the outdoors, then make plans to visit the Picos this year. The limestone peaks stretch over 250 square miles, and are the perfect place for those looking for a big of adventure. As well as canyoning you can go mountain biking; and do one of the best day hikes in Europe. The Cares river route is one of the most breathtaking trekking trails that can be done in Europe, and follows the course of a hydroelectric pipeline through some of the most dramatic scenery you could imagine. The journey is just over 12km, and goes between Caín in the province of Léon, and Poncebos, in Asturias.

Having done quite a bit of trekking over the years, I'm embarrassed to admit I'd never heard of this mountain range, but now I know about it, I'm keen to find out more!

09 February, 2018

Friday's Lightbulb: Andaman Islands

If you are a fan of places like the Seychelles or Mauritius, then I may have found a new holiday destination that you'll love. The pure white sand and turquoise seas are just as beautiful, but this is the remote Andaman archipelago of India. 

In my opinion, the Andaman islands tick even more boxes than the likes of the Seychelles, and that's because very few people have heard about these 200 little-known islands so they're less popular with tourists - at this moment in time! 

The islands are located in the Bay of Bengal, and are surrounded by incredible coral reefs. It's those reefs that visitors will relish, from snorkelling to kayaking through mangrove forests - there's plenty to do.

Accommodation is quite limited, but there are new luxury but sensitively built beachside hotels starting to appear on the stunning coastline. Thanks to an increase of flights from four of India's major cities to the capital Port Blair, the archipelago has become more accessible. Go now, before other people discover these amazing islands!