30 March, 2012

Posing in Sydney

Since asking followers of my travel blog for photographic contributions, I've had all sorts of different pictures. There have been beautiful landscapes; city scenes, and just downright unusual travel photos - I always like something a little bit different to feature on my travel blog. Today's photo is not only cute, but it also made me laugh out loud! Vincent ConnarĂ© took the photo, so let's hear more about it!

My brother in law is just retiring from the Navy as a Commander, and we were on a private military golf course south of Sydney when we came across this scene. You do see kangaroos and Wallabies outside of the cities, but they don't normally pose for photos like these two!

Vincent - I love this photo, thanks so much for your contribution! If you'd like to share your own photo please send your photo to the email address on my contact page, with a short description of where it was taken. 

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