03 February, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Manhattan madness

Today's photographic contribution comes from TV cameraman and budding photographer Dan Martland, and I think it sums up the buzz of New York perfectly. Over to Dan to tell us more.

A bloody cold day in Manhattan; this was taken in Hell's Kitchen in New York, and it sure felt like hell that day! It's always hard to get a cab in the city when the weather turns bad - luckily this is 9th Ave, a great hotspot for food, with every other door being a restaurant. This is where New Yorkers eat. Don't be a tourist, and save some cash and eat well on 9th Ave - you won't be disappointed.

Top tip: Try "Napkin Burger" - 45th street & 5th Ave.

Dan thanks so much for your fantastic photo, and great tip! If you have a photo you'd like featured here on Travel Lightbulb then please send it to me by email: travellightbulb@hotmail.co.uk. If you have your own blog I'll happily link to it, but it's not just for bloggers. Let me know where the photo was taken, and a bit about the location and it could be your photo on here soon!

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