17 February, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Madness at the Mardi Gras

Today's photo contribution was taken by Bruce Murray, and is one of the more 'unusual' offerings I've had so far! It was taken at the Mardi Gras, which takes place this coming Tuesday (21st Feb 2012), so let's hear more about it from Bruce himself...

Every year thousands travel to New Orleans to witness one of the world's biggest parties - Mardi Gras! After dark Bourbon Street is a shoulder to shoulder crush of humanity with fun; laughter, and beer for everyone. During the day; between the bars and restaurants of the French Quarter, holidaymakers will find a different kind of action in the streets, as revellers are entertained by street performers and personalities.

The Naked Cowboy travelled from his home in New York City to New Orleans, and was spotted posing with his fans by Bruce Murray On Travel, while religious advocates made their views known with jeers and signs!

Thanks Bruce - I think this picture is fantastic, and sums up the madness of Mardi Gras! If you'd like to contribute a travel photo of your own, please send it to me with a brief description at the email address on my contact page.

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