03 February, 2017

Friday's lightbulb: Kotor, Montenegro

The coastal town of Kotor is situated along one of the world's most beautiful bays on the Montenegro coast. It's an old Mediterranean port and with huge limestone cliffs, the town and its surrounding area form an impressive and very picturesque landscape.

Kotor is a very atmospheric place. The town is a maze of museums; churches, and cafe filled squares and is a great place for people watching!

 The daily market is well worth a visit. Locals come to stock up on fish, fresh vegetables ad local cheeses. It runs along the city walls, and is open every morning. The prosciutto and smoked cheese are worth buying. 

Top tip: The bay of Kotor looks incredible from sea level, but is even more impressive from above. For the best view, head to the medieval citadel (the main entrance is near the river gate) to get your entrance ticket, and begin the ascent up the stone staircase. It takes you all the way up to the old walls to the Castle of St John, a fort dating back to the sixteenth century.

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