06 January, 2017

Friday's lightbulb: Porto

I took a long time to decide where to feature for my first post of 2017. A new year, a new start....so how about a new destination for a city break, and one that's perfect for those who love their food and their culture.

For some reason, Porto is still a bit under the radar when it comes to European destinations, which surprises me because it's both affordable and fun. It's Portugal's second-largest city behind Lisbon, known for it's beautiful bridges and the production of port wine, which is still stored in vast cellars that stretch along the Douro river.

 The medieval Ribeira district is the oldest district of the city - a beautiful warren of narrow cobbled streets and plenty of wonderful family owned restaurants and bars.

Top tip: If you're looking for a belly busting dish to try, the francesinha sandwich is a Porto institution.  It's a huge doorstep layered with pork, bacon, smoked sausage, beefsteak all topped off with a fried egg and cheese. Loosen your belts people! 

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