11 November, 2016

Put your mobile phone down!

One of the things I love about travelling is feeling like I'm escaping the day to day stresses of life. For me, part of that is putting my phone in a drawer and forgetting about the outside world. For others, it's about constantly putting photos on social media, and showing all your friends and family the fabulous places you're visiting.

A recent survey commissioned by WorldSIM has revealed that 31% of travellers still don't use their phone when they travel abroad - perhaps because they're worried about returning home to a monster mobile phone bill because of international roaming charges.

That means that a whopping 69% of people do use their phone while travelling. These days it's very rare to see people without a phone in their hand - but when you're on your hols, I find it a bit sad. I do upload the odd photo, and also use my phone to research places when I'm on my travels. However there's a big wide world out there - when you're on your next trip see if you can put that phone away and look around instead of looking at a screen. I challenge you! 

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