02 September, 2016

Looking for your dream job?

If you've got itchy feet and are looking for a new opportunity at work, then you might want to read on. If you like stargazing, then you should definitely read on! Arctic SnowHotel has a vacancy for someone whose task is to scan the sky all night long in Lapland! Aurora borealis are one of the biggest attractions in that part of the world, and the main part of this role is to stay awake and observe the sky and if the northern lights appear, you wake the visitors.

 Last season, more than two hundred people applied for the post, and two of them got their dream job.  All you need is a good grasp of English, and be able to spot the difference between a cloud and the aurora borealis.

Arctic SnowHotel is in the tiny Finnish village of Lehtojärvi, and was build for the first time in 2008. Since then it has emerged every winter season, with construction work starting in late Octover when ice blocks are lifted up from the nearby lake. The speciality of this hotel are the glass-roofed iglus, where you can watch the northern lights from the comfort of your warm bed.
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