01 April, 2016

Travel April Fools

Instead of doing my own April Fool on you all today, I have been trawling through the archives to find the best travel pranks that have been done on this day over the years - I have to say, there are some classics! 

How about the story published by the Scouts that claimed that a massive climbing wall was going to be created on the side of The Shard in London? At 1,014ft high, the article said management "strongly advise anyone with a fear of heights to take the decision very seriously as once climbers begin their ascent there is no going back down".

Flight Centre Australia went one better - they tried to get people to believe that they could fly from Australia to London in a modified cargo crate....bringing a whole new meaning to cattle class!

The Tower of Pisa may be leaning, but how about it being turned into a hotel? That's what The Telegraph reported was happening....it was to be called 3.99 Degrees - ha ha!

Finally though, if you're like me and can be a bit gullible at times then rest assured, that's not always a bad thing. It certainly wasn't for one lucky lady who was taken in by what seemed to be an April Fool's joke in New Zealand last year. A car dealership said they were offering a free BMW to the first person to show up with a coupon from the local newspaper. It turned out it was a double bluff, and was a real promotion - the dealership had even hired security guards in case big queues caused trouble. Instead only one person believed the advert; turned up and was given a new BMW 1 Series! Click here to see the video - a happy tale to end a day of pranks!

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