25 March, 2016

Happy Easter!

As it's Easter weekend, I thought I'd write a little post with a chocolate theme - who doesn't love stuffing their face with yummy chocolate eggs at this time each year? I'm also combining the chocolate theme with travel though....clever huh?

One of my favourite chocolate shops in the world is in Sicily - the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto. It's a wonderful little shop in Modica which has been there since 1880! They don't serve any old chocolate - this yummy stuff is based on an old Aztec recipe. My favourite is the chilli chocolate - if you've not tried that sort of thing before, the heat really brings out the best in the chocolate, and you don't need much of it! 
If you'd like to visit, or just find out a bit more about this wonderful little shop, visit the official website here.  Happy Easter to you all, and happy chocolate munching!

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