25 March, 2016

Happy Easter!

As it's Easter weekend, I thought I'd write a little post with a chocolate theme - who doesn't love stuffing their face with yummy chocolate eggs at this time each year? I'm also combining the chocolate theme with travel though....clever huh?

One of my favourite chocolate shops in the world is in Sicily - the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto. It's a wonderful little shop in Modica which has been there since 1880! They don't serve any old chocolate - this yummy stuff is based on an old Aztec recipe. My favourite is the chilli chocolate - if you've not tried that sort of thing before, the heat really brings out the best in the chocolate, and you don't need much of it! 
If you'd like to visit, or just find out a bit more about this wonderful little shop, visit the official website here.  Happy Easter to you all, and happy chocolate munching!

18 March, 2016

Friday's Lightbulb: Japan

A few weeks ago, I started another new feature on Travel Lightbulb - picking the best bits out of the  travel magazines for those looking for a bit of adventure, and something different. This week, I'm focusing on a place I have to admit I hadn't even heard of when I saw in on one of the lists in the travel magazines at the end of last year!

Japan's network of bullet trains is expanding, and after more than a decade of construction, it will extend to the country's most northern island for the first time. It will take just over four hours to reach Hokkaido - but what can you find there? Well in the winter its powdery snow makes it very popular with skiers. 

In the summer months, the hiking is said to be fantastic. You can also go canoeing and fishing on Lake Kussharo, or can head to the Shiretoko Peninsula to spot eagles, whales and dolphins. 
Put off by the cost? Don't be - because of the weak yen, Japan is cheaper to visit than it has been in years. In fact according to a Post Office Travel Money survey, it was recently named the third cheapest long-haul destination for British travellers. Take advantage of that, and try something different!

11 March, 2016

Flashback Friday: Made to make your mouth water!

Today I'm flashing back to one of my all time favourite restaurants in the world. In fact, my mouth started watering even as I uploaded the photo below! It's not some fancy Michelin starred restaurant; it's not somewhere you need to dress up for dinner, but it is most definitely a place that specialises in  the highest quality chicken piri piri, and the sides that go with it are also fabulous.

It's one of the most famous restaurants in Portugal's Algarve to serve one of the most traditional dishes of the country, and it's almost always my first stop after the airport!
If you'd like to read my original post, then here you go - The undisputed king of piri piri.

04 March, 2016

Travel Photo Friday: Turtle Tricks

Today's photo is one I've been waiting for a while to post. It was taken on a magical day last year when walking along a Caribbean beach, I came across this little guy and his friends......

I've been lucky enough to see turtles lay their eggs in the past, but to see the little hatchlings making their way down to the sea is just an incredible experience. One of the most special days of my life, and well worthy of a Travel Photo Friday! 

Do you have a travel photo you'd like to share? If so why not get in touch - details on the contact page of this blog.