19 February, 2016

Friday's lightbulb

Time for another new feature on Travel Lightbulb! Every year travel magazines are full of ideas for those looking for a bit of adventure, and something different. The lists are usually compiled in December and January to give us all ideas and, if we book, something to look forward to. I decided to wait until now to write this strand, so that I could do a bit of research and give you my pick of a few very different places to visit when you're next looking to head off on your travels.

The first of my ideas is something I've always wanted to do. Are you into trains? If so, have you ever thought of doing one of the world's best train journeys? The Trans-Siberian - or as the English travel writer put it "the big train ride"! You'll travel almost 6000 miles, so if you feel like the world is a small place, take this trip and let your mind wander!

As well as this trip being as awesome thing to do, it's also a timely one - book now and you would be taking a centennial journey, as it was in 1916 that the route was finished! If you have booked an incredible trip this year, why not contact me and let me know all about it.

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