15 January, 2016

Flashback Friday: Living it up

Look at the two photos on this page....which appeals most to you?

Is it the luxurious image above - a beautiful property in the Italian Lakes?
Or does the scene in the photo below appeal to you more - a rustic cabin in the mountains?

I have friends that I know would choose Lake Garda in a minute, but have other friends who would prefer getting away from it all in the second photo. 

Personally - I like to mix it up, and experience both luxury, and roughing it. I saw these two photos, and they reminded me to flashback to a post I wrote when I had returned from a charity trek in Peru. Trips like that make you remember that the simple things in life should be enjoyed, and while it's fabulous to go camping....it's also lovely to be pampered. So the question is.....which side of the fence do you sit on? To read my original blog post, just click here.

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