27 November, 2015

Travel Photo Friday: Keep your eyes peeled

When I travel, I love looking up - whether it be at palm trees or cathedrals. I find you miss things if you don't look up, and soak in your surroundings. Having said that, sometimes it's also important to look down as I found when I took today's photo.

This little piece of graffiti beside a cobbled pavement made me giggle - a mouse, going into his house! So look up; look down - look all around. Keep your eyes peeled - you never know what you'll see when you travel.

20 November, 2015

Flashback Friday: Cupcake heaven in London

The humble cupcake has come a long way in recent years. When Carrie and co. starting making them famous in "Sex and the City", everyone else decided we couldn't get enough of them. Today, the trend is still going strong - people even have hundreds of the little guys piled on top of one another for their wedding cakes!

When the trend first began, I featured a great little spot in London where I think the cupcakes are the best in the UK! Click here to read my original post. If you know a spot where the cupcakes are just as delicious, please let me know!

13 November, 2015

Being "Canny" in the Canny Man's Edinburgh

If you are in Edinburgh and fancy going somewhere that's a little bit different, you can't go wrong with The Canny Man's. This Morningside pub was established in 1871, and is an Edinburgh institution.

It's not just the establisment itself that's an institution. The Bloody Mary's served here are so famous they were even featured on the BBC's Saturday Kitchen programme! 

The beautiful bar has a real shabby chic look to it, and you could easily spend a few hours looking at all the items on the walls, and above your head!

This is not just a pub though - food is served each day, and even that is unique. They serve seafood and smørrebrød - open sandwiches on rye bread, and they have an incredible list that will make it hard for you to decide what to go for! Desserts are fruity and alcoholic - what more could you want! 

I celebrated a very special birthday in The Canny Man's and it was the perfect place for a group, as there are different small rooms - I felt like I had my own private party!

Famous seafood chef Rick Stein (one of my favourite chefs!) says it's "the best pub in the world" - and he's definitely spot on with this recommendation. Click to see the official website here.

06 November, 2015

Travel Photo Friday: Nature's Lightbulb

As the weather start to turn a bit colder and more wintery, I thought this atmospheric shot summed up some of the cold days we'll have over the coming months. It was taken on a day when I went on a brisk beach walk, and just as I took the photo, the sun came out.

I have to say I think it looks a little bit like somebody has turned on the switch on a standard lamp, and the sun is providing the bulb! I love capturing moments like this, and would love you to share any photos that you have taken on your travels.