29 May, 2015

Travel Photo Friday: Port De Soller

Today's photo was taken in the beautiful horseshoe harbour of Port De Soller, in Majorca. Surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains, the town not only has stunning scenery, but it also has a perfect sea view. It has a great beach, and is the perfect base for touring around the island.

There are enough restaurants on the harbour to spend two weeks here and not get around them all! It is busy enough to keep you entertained, but quiet enough to enable you to relax. In my opinion, the perfect spot on Majorca.

22 May, 2015

Flashback Friday: A hideaway in the Australian bush

When you think of Sydney, I'm guessing the lush photo below is probably not the first image that came into your mind! The Lane Cove National Park is a stunning pocket of bushland, but an easy reach for so-called Sydneysiders. 

While it's a great day out for the family, with lots of picnic areas to choose from,and great walking and cycling tracks,  it's also home to Tandara - the ultimate in luxury camping experience.
 If you fancy staying getting away from it all, then read more about it, by visiting my original post, Sydney Under Canvas.

15 May, 2015

The beauty of Antelope Canyon

When I came across photos of Antelope Canyon, it made me think how amazing mother nature is. It's located in Arizona, and is a hugely popular place for photographers - from the shots below, you can see why! It's the most celebrated slot canyon (meaning its confines are narrow, with high, twisting walls) in the American Southwest, and while the photos look as though they've been doctored...I can assure you, they haven't!

The canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, due to flash flooding. During the monsoon season water runs into the basin and over time the passageways eroded, making the flowing shapes you see in the rocks. Flooding still happens in the canyon - in fact in 2006, Lower Antelope Canyon had to be closed for five months due to a flash flood that lasted an incredible a 36 hours.

The sunlight penetrates the canyon in mid-March, and disappears in early October, so the spring and summer months are the best time to visit, as that's when the sandstone takes on an incredible array of colours due to the rays of the sun.

You need a permit to visit the canyon, and the surrounding Navajo Parks, and you'll also need a guide to take you safely thought the canyon. For older Navajos, it's said to be like entering a cathedral - a truly spiritual experience, and it's easy to see why.

08 May, 2015

Travel Photo Friday: Getting dizzy in Majorca!

If you get a little bit car sick, then today's photo might be enough to push you over the edge! I haven't suffered from travel sickness since I was a child, but after undertaking this road in Majorca....I have to admit I was a little queasy! Its official name is Col de Cal Reis, but it's widely know as Sa Calobra, or the Cobra....for obvious reasons! It's a marvel of engineering, and drops just over 2,000 feet over the course of six miles, but it's the series of never-ending hairpins that make for a hairy journey!

At the bottom, there are a couple of restaurants (only open in spring and summer) and a tiny cove, but if you ride a bike, then this is on the hit list of any cyclist who visits the island. In fact it has long been considered the toughest climb in Majorca. If you're doing it by car, and are feeling a bit green around the gills, then make sure you make time to stop for a rest a the bottom. Once you're down there, yes you guessed it....the only way is up!

01 May, 2015

Flashback Friday: Tranquillity in the Grenadines

If you want peace and quiet in the Caribbean, then there's no better place to go that to head to The Grenadines. The photo below was taken at Tobago Cays, on a day trip several years ago. I visited several islands on the trip, and it really takes you back to what the Caribbean was like years ago - no jet skis - just you, the waves lapping up on the shore, and the turtles.....lots of them, who just love to swim around with you when you're snorkelling!

It's one of the most idyllic places I've been to, and would gladly go back for a holiday, never mind a day trip. We are flashing back today, so if you'd like to read my original post, then click to Cast off the anchors in the Grenadines.