05 December, 2014

A room with a view with a difference - The Manta Resort, Tanzania

When I stumbled across a photo of the place I'm featuring today, I was blown away. If you're looking for a remote get-away, can you really get any better than the room in the photo below?

Photo courtesy of Jesper Anhede
Located in the Indian ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, this floating cube is the underwater room at The Manta Resort.  This amazing room is anchored almost 250m away from the coast and has three levels which allow you to sunbathe or stargaze; lounge and dine on the water deck, or enjoy 360 degree views of the shoals of reef fish from the comfort of your double bed!

Photo courtesy of Jesper Anhede
If the prospect of spending a night under the water makes you nervous or claustrophobic, then you can always opt for one of the 16 beautiful rooms on dry land at the resort.

Photo courtesy of Jesper Ached
 If you do opt for that instead, you can still enjoy the marine life on the natural coral reef which lies just off the beach, attracting divers and snorkelers.

Photo courtesy of Jesper Anhede
However, as you relax on the beach you can see the underwater room in the distance (see photo above) and would you not always be thinking whether a night in that room would be an experience of a lifetime? I know I would! If you would like more information on the resort or the underwater room, visit the official website.

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