12 September, 2014

Bubbles in France - with a difference!

What springs to mind when you think of bubbles in France? Champagne....yes, that's what I thought, but today, I'm going to open your mind with some bubbles that are quite unique!

Courtesy of Attrap'Rêves

Attrap'Rêves is a network of 'bubbles', 17 of them in fact divided over 5 sites, all away from the crowds. It is the brainchild of a family company which was founded in February 2010, and pulls together their skills to make this unique project.

Courtesy of Attrap'Rêves
They are inflatable tents, around 4 metres in diameter, and are all different. The most basic has a roll-out bed, and moveable wardrobes, while the more luxurious bubbles have attachable bathroom and an additional bedroom.

Courtesy of Attrap'Rêves
I know what you're all thinking - privacy, or a lack of it? Each bubble has been installed to protect your privacy; there is a private path for each bubble, and some of them are not fully transparent. Having said that, the whole idea of this concept is to give you a unique experience in the middle of nature, so go on - embrace it, and unleash your inner exhibitionist! For more information on the locations of the bubbles, visit the official website here.

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