01 September, 2014

Back and ready to discover!

Well hello there and thank you for stopping by! 
Regular followers of Travel Lightbulb will know that I have taken a break from the blog for a little while. Why I hear you ask.....well it has to be said that everyone goes through ups and downs in life, and I took a break to try and get through a huge down. There's no point trying to inspire people and feel enthusiastic about things when you're feeling anything but enthusiastic yourself.

That passion and enthusiasm is a big part of travel isn't it? Something inspires you to book that flight; to select that particular place to travel to, and you have to feel that buzz or excitement when you've booked a trip and are waiting to travel whether it be long haul, or a mini-break. 

So, I'm back, but just because the blog has returned, it doesn't mean I'm 'up' again. What I did realise during my blogging break was that life is short - too short for some. I will cherish time with family and friends more than ever. I will to travel to far flung places and make the most of every moment I have on this earth. I will try to inspire people by sharing the places I find on my travels, and the ones that I come across and haven't yet visited, but hope to one day. 
As a wise man once told me, 'Life is not a dress Rehearsal'. Life is for living......just do it.

In memory of a beautiful lady who taught me how to laugh uncontrollably; to smile just like her; to always try to see the best in people, and to squeeze every last drop out of life. FTF.

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