26 September, 2014

Travel Photo Friday: Belgian beauty!

Today's photo comes from Iain Hill, who took a great shot on a trip to Leuven in Belgium. It's a short train ride east of Brussels. It's a small historic University town and home to Stella Artois!

Great shot Iain, and thanks for your contribution. If you have a photo you'd like to contribute, then please get in touch - details of how to do that are on my contact page.

19 September, 2014

Flashback Friday: The Maldives

Having just celebrated my wedding anniversary, I thought today's photo could be part the first of a new feature on my blog - Flashback Friday....a new photo and a flashback to a former post on Travel Lightbulb. This photo was taken on my honeymoon in the Maldives.

The photo says it all, and is the picture postcard view I think we all have of that part of the world. Simply stunning, and I've never seen water that clear or blue anywhere else - and I've travelled a lot!
If you want to read more about where we stayed, and my review of the resort, click to read about Perfection in the Maldives.

12 September, 2014

Bubbles in France - with a difference!

What springs to mind when you think of bubbles in France? Champagne....yes, that's what I thought, but today, I'm going to open your mind with some bubbles that are quite unique!

Courtesy of Attrap'Rêves

Attrap'Rêves is a network of 'bubbles', 17 of them in fact divided over 5 sites, all away from the crowds. It is the brainchild of a family company which was founded in February 2010, and pulls together their skills to make this unique project.

Courtesy of Attrap'Rêves
They are inflatable tents, around 4 metres in diameter, and are all different. The most basic has a roll-out bed, and moveable wardrobes, while the more luxurious bubbles have attachable bathroom and an additional bedroom.

Courtesy of Attrap'Rêves
I know what you're all thinking - privacy, or a lack of it? Each bubble has been installed to protect your privacy; there is a private path for each bubble, and some of them are not fully transparent. Having said that, the whole idea of this concept is to give you a unique experience in the middle of nature, so go on - embrace it, and unleash your inner exhibitionist! For more information on the locations of the bubbles, visit the official website here.

05 September, 2014

Travel Photo Friday: Amazing Algarve coastline

I took this photo in one of my favourite spots in the Western Algarve in Portugal, just outside Lagos. Just behind the Ponta da Piedade lighthouse, there is a long staircase that leads down to this beautiful view. In the height of summer, it's where the fisherman take tourists out on boat trips to see the rock formations along the coastline. In the winter months, it's almost always deserted, and a perfect place to just sit for a moment, and enjoy the scenery.

Have you been to the Algarve? Do you have any photos of the coastline? If so, share them with me - details of how to get in touch are on my contact page

01 September, 2014

Back and ready to discover!

Well hello there and thank you for stopping by! 
Regular followers of Travel Lightbulb will know that I have taken a break from the blog for a little while. Why I hear you ask.....well it has to be said that everyone goes through ups and downs in life, and I took a break to try and get through a huge down. There's no point trying to inspire people and feel enthusiastic about things when you're feeling anything but enthusiastic yourself.

That passion and enthusiasm is a big part of travel isn't it? Something inspires you to book that flight; to select that particular place to travel to, and you have to feel that buzz or excitement when you've booked a trip and are waiting to travel whether it be long haul, or a mini-break. 

So, I'm back, but just because the blog has returned, it doesn't mean I'm 'up' again. What I did realise during my blogging break was that life is short - too short for some. I will cherish time with family and friends more than ever. I will to travel to far flung places and make the most of every moment I have on this earth. I will try to inspire people by sharing the places I find on my travels, and the ones that I come across and haven't yet visited, but hope to one day. 
As a wise man once told me, 'Life is not a dress Rehearsal'. Life is for living......just do it.

In memory of a beautiful lady who taught me how to laugh uncontrollably; to smile just like her; to always try to see the best in people, and to squeeze every last drop out of life. FTF.