29 November, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: A little ray of hope

I recently wrote a blog post about samara Private Game Reserve, which is situated in South Africa's Eastern Cape Great Karoo. I don't usually do follow-up pieces on the blog, but came across a heart warming tale, with a great photo to go with it, and thought I'd share it with you in the form of a Travel Photo Friday! In June of this year, a tiny little cheetah cub was born to Bellini, one of the wild females at Samara. None of Bellini's cubs had survived before, so it was understandable that she decided to hide her new cub under a bush close to Samara's lodge, where she knew humans would find her. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Nala.....

It's policy at Samara to leave nature to its own devices, but the staff felt their hearts melt as she mewed with hunger, as her mother had abandoned her, and they agreed to take her into their homes, feeding her every one and a half hours through day and night. You'll be pleased to hear she's thriving! What a gorgeous little cub, and the name Nala, means 'hope' - how appropriate! One....two....three.....aw!

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