29 November, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: A little ray of hope

I recently wrote a blog post about samara Private Game Reserve, which is situated in South Africa's Eastern Cape Great Karoo. I don't usually do follow-up pieces on the blog, but came across a heart warming tale, with a great photo to go with it, and thought I'd share it with you in the form of a Travel Photo Friday! In June of this year, a tiny little cheetah cub was born to Bellini, one of the wild females at Samara. None of Bellini's cubs had survived before, so it was understandable that she decided to hide her new cub under a bush close to Samara's lodge, where she knew humans would find her. Without further ado, let me introduce you to Nala.....

It's policy at Samara to leave nature to its own devices, but the staff felt their hearts melt as she mewed with hunger, as her mother had abandoned her, and they agreed to take her into their homes, feeding her every one and a half hours through day and night. You'll be pleased to hear she's thriving! What a gorgeous little cub, and the name Nala, means 'hope' - how appropriate! One....two....three.....aw!

22 November, 2013

Beauty in Brooklyn at Wythe Hotel

When visiting New York, many believe Manhattan is the only place to stay but with the transport system, everything is accessible. I wouldn't have thought of searching for a hotel in Brooklyn, but I came across one with so much style about it, that it has made me want to check it out! 

Courtesy of Wythe Hotel
Located in the heart of Brooklyn, the Wythe Hotel is situated on the waterfront in Williamsburg, a real up-and-coming borough. It was build in 1901, and has been converted into a 70 room hotel which is like no other in the area.  

Courtesy of Wythe Hotel
The rooms have high original timber ceilings, oversized windows, and heated concrete floors. Many of them boast floor-to-ceiling views of the Manhattan skyline, and East River. They're quirky in style, and extremely beautiful.

Courtesy of Wythe Hotel
 Another huge plus point of the hotel is its 6th floor bar and terrace, with stunning views of Manhattan and Brooklyn - a great place to return to after a day of sightseeing!

Courtesy of Wythe Hotel
The hotel's location is fantastic - only 15-20 minutes from lower Manhattan, and there are lots of vintage stores, and cool cafes around the hotel in Williamsburg anyway if you fancy experiencing something a little bit different. If you want more information about this funky hotel, check out the official website here.

15 November, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: Sam Lord's Castle, Barbados

Today's Travel Photo Friday is a little sad. The tale goes like this....in the parish of St Phillip on the Caribbean island of Barbados was a beautiful Georgian mansion. It was built in 1820 by a notorious buccaneer Samuel Hall Lord, known as 'Sam Lord'. Legend has it that Sam Lord acquired his wealth by plundering ships, which he lured onto the reefs off the coast, by hanging lanterns in the palm trees. Captains mistook these lights for the island's capital, Bridgetown, and wrecked their ships on the reefs. 

For years, the property was run as a stunning hotel, but it was sadly consumed by fire in 2010, and remains closed to this day. It's incredibly spooky to wander round the ruins, seeing the effects the sea air has had on the building, and think of the good times people had holidaying at the hotel. 

Top tip: The beach by the hotel is secluded and stunning, so if you find yourself in this area of Barbados - have a wander round, and pop down to the beach for a swim!

If you have a photo you'd like to contribute, please get in touch - and I'd also love to hear your own stories of derelict properties that you may have come across on your travels!

08 November, 2013

Unexpected beauty in Isla Cristina

Have you ever stopped somewhere when you're driving, and been surprised at just how nice a place is when you don't have very high expectations of what you're going to see? That happened to me when I decided to stop for lunch in Isla Cristina, which is situated in the province of Huelva. 

It is one of the most important fishing ports in the province, and is also a popular summer holiday resort, and I loved it! I had a wander down by the port and the small beaches, which were packed with Spaniards on their holidays, but it was the town itself that I found beautiful. 

It was the height of summer, and the intense midday sun was beating down, so I decided to wander through the little winding streets walking from side to side to grab a bit of shade! The good thing was that everyone else seemed to be having a siesta, so the streets were deserted!

I came across beautiful buildings, and even the doors were stunning, and I couldn't resist taking my camera out to get some shots. 

It just goes to show that it's well worth getting off the beaten track, and discovering places that you've never heard of before. You never know what you may find!

01 November, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: Always look up

I was once given a top tip by a friend who is a photographer. The advice was to "Always look up".  If you're a keen photographer, especially when you go on holiday, I have to say it's a great tip! 

I took today's photo when wandering around Isla Cristina in Southern Spain, and although it was searingly hot that day - 42 degrees no less! - I'm glad I had my wits about me and looked up, otherwise I'd never have spotted these storks and their nests on the top of a stunning church. This is a little preview of the post that will be appearing on my blog next week actually - I'll say no more, but rest assured there are some cracking photos to look out for in the blog post.

If you'd like to see one of your own travel photos featured here, then please get in touch via the address on my contact page. Thanks, and happy travelling!