18 October, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: Leopard in the lens

I love today's photo contribution, which comes from fellow travel blogger Cole Burmester. Here's the background to the photo...

It was taken at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya on my 2nd day in Africa. We were nearly on our way out of the park gate when our guide got a radio message that a leopard was up in a tree. Hurtling along the road, we managed to pull up about 40m away from the tree. It was magical just sitting there watching it rest, and I probably took more than fifty photos! Definitely a highlight of my three months in Africa.

What an amazing shot - it looks like the leopard is looking right down the lens! Simply stunning. If you'd like to read more about Cole's travels, and Lake Nakuru in particular, visit www.fourjandals.com
Thanks for the contribution Cole, and happy travelling!

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