06 September, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: Windmills of my mind

Today's photo was taken in Vila do Bispo, in the Western Algarve. I was wandering around the town, and came across the stunning restored windmill - which I'm sure you'll agree looks amazing against the deep blue sky. The town itself has a very interesting claim to fame. 

In 1543 a man from the village called Ferñao Mendes Pinto was one of the first European to land in Japan. In 1992, a new square was built on the outskirts of the town to celebrate its twinning with the island he visited - and that is how 'Praça de Tanegashima' came to be!

If you have a photo that has a story behind it, or just a cool travel photo you're willing to donate, then get in touch - details of how to do that are on the contact page of my blog. Thanks!

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