05 July, 2013

Monkey Bar: India's first gastro pub

The term 'gastropub' has been around in the UK since the early 90's. For those of you not familiar with the term, it means a restaurant in a pub and was started to reinvigorate both the pub culture, and British dining.
It soon took off in America, and has now spread even further afield......to India!

Monkey Bar is a very cool and quirky place in Bangalore, which has been labelled India's 'City of the Future'. There is a real casual feel to the bar, which has long wooden benches and a really chilled atmosphere.

The cocktails are fantastic - the house special, served in a jar (see above), is a concotion of vodka, green mango juice, lime, cumin and salt - yum yum! They also have signature drinks of the day, which are recommended by the waiters.

As for the food, there is a real mix of Indian street food (potato patties, and vada pav - a spicy vegetarian dish) alongside Asian and American classics, (such as spring rolls; chicken wings, and potato skins) which makes for a great menu with something for everyone.

If you find yourself in Bangalore, then you should definitely try this place - the diverse menu is affordably priced, and it seems to be the place that everyone is talking about! If you'd like more information about The Monkey Bar, then visit the official website here.

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