07 June, 2013

Lounging in Langkawi: Bon Ton Resort

Langkawi is an archipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia's west coast. It's a mixture of picturesque paddy fields; jungle-clad hills all surrounded by turquoise sea. If you're one of those people hoping for somewhere rustic, and looking for something a little bit different - that's exactly what I'm featuring today.

If you like large, corporate hotels, then this is not for you. However, if you're the type who tries to experience a flavour of the country you're in, then the Bon Ton Resort could be just your thing. In fact, it's one of Langkawi's most unique resorts. It has eight individually styled antique Malay houses that are only a five minute drive from the beach.

The villas are decorated in different styles, and will give you a really authentic Malaysian experience - the bathrooms all have woonden bucket-style bathtubs (see photo above!). The houses are wooden, and it has to be said that they are not perfectly finished as a large hotel would be - but this is the real attraction of resorts like this. Don't think shabby chic, but more a living museum - each building has, been around for between 70 and 110 years!! 

The houses make you feel like you're having a really authentic holiday experience, and while you're not on the beach, it's in a beautiful peaceful spot. Having said that, kids are welcome, and there is lots to do - whether it be playing in the pool, or exploring the gardens. A true rustic stay, in a beautiful location.

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