17 May, 2013

Stylish beach cottages in Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are spectacularly beautiful, so much so that National Geographic has named it as one of the world's Top 10 islands to visit. It has more sun and less rain than the rest of the UK - just one good reason to go and escape the mainland! The second reason is the beautiful beach cottages I've found, which make me want to book a trip now.

There are 16 cottages, several with one bedroom, and also larger three to four bedroom cottages which sleep 6-10. The design is cosy and high spec at the same time, and the great thing is, they all face the sea. 

 This would be a great place to take your kids - the island is traffic free, and you're just moments away from a beach cafe, tennis courts, and indoor pool. 

The island is only two miles long by one mile wide, and its landscape is stunning - not only are there rugged cliffs to explore, but there are half a dozen white sand beaches to choose from as well.

There is a golf course on the island (free to those staying at the cottages), and you can also rent a bike and explore Scilly. If that sounds too much like hard work, then cottages are stunning and well-equipped enough to make a relaxing holiday a perfect one too! Visit the official website here.

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