31 May, 2013

A head for heights in Columbia: Travel Photo Friday

Today's photo comes from Leo Kelion, who took it on a trip to Columbia. If you suffer from vertigo, you may want to look away now. Let's find out more about where it was taken from Leo himself.

The photo was taken on a trip from the centre of Medellin up to Parque Arvi. The cable car is credited with helping transform Medellin's reputation. Once classed as one of the most dangerous cities in the world it won a competition to be titled the world's most innovative this year. Before the transport system was built, people living in the poorer, high up areas of the valley often faced walks or slow drives to the bottom lasting upwards of three hours to get to work. Now they can travel with one of the best views of the world in minutes, at a subsidised rate, ending the frustration of thousands in an inspired move. 

Top tip: there's some of the best arepas con huevo (maize-made pie filled with egg) at the top too!

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  1. Awesome...can you bungy from it ?!