12 April, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: Monkeying around

Today's photo features a creature you may not have heard of before - the green monkey. They're found in Barbados, and originally came from West Africa around 350 years ago. There have been around 75 generations of these cheeky little chaps since they arrived on the island, and the species now have different characteristics than those in West Africa - they've probably just adjusted to island life! In case you're wondering where the name comes from, in certain light, their fur has a green appearance.

Although the green monkey's are mainly found in parts of the island which have more vegetation and less development, the shot above was taken on Sandy Lane golf course on the West Coast - I hope they paid their green fees! If you'd like to contribute a photo, then please get in touch via the email address on my contact page. It can be a beautiful travel shot, or even just a little a cheeky one like today's image!

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