12 February, 2013

The View from The Shard - looking down on London

When you go to a big city, one of the first things many visitors want to do is to see the city from above. Think of the Empire State Building, or the Eiffel Tower. Well now those travelling to London can get that birds-eye view from the city's tallest tourist attraction - the View from The Shard.

© The View from The Shard.
The Shard skyscraper in London Bridge, is the highest vantage point provided by any building in Western Europe, and the visitor experience is a great introduction to the city as a whole. If you have vertigo, like me, you may even feel giddy at the photo below, but it gives you a real idea of how tiny everything looks from 800ft up!

© The View from The Shard.
It provides spectacular views over the city of London, with views just as exciting at night as they are during the day - I love how small Big Ben looks in the shot below! The lifts that take you to the viewing galleries are FAST - you go from level 0 - 68 in about 60 seconds - hold onto your tummies!

© The View from The Shard.
It's easy to get to - just get the tube, or bus to London Bridge. Entry is allowed on the hour and the half-hour, and you can stay as long as you want. It's cheaper to pre-book tickets, but a limited number of walk-up tickets are available each day. If you want more information, visit the official website here.

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