05 February, 2013

The museum with a difference

I'm always looking for unusual things to feature on my blog, and today is certainly something very different! If you enjoy museums, then this could be for you......if you also enjoy diving or snorkelling, then it's definitely going to interest you!

In the clear waters off Cancun, is a museum with a difference. The Cancun Underwater Museum  (yes, I did say underwater!) will, in years to come, will be one of the largest underwater museums on the planet.

British artist Jason DeCaires Taylor is the main creator and artist of this site, and it's not only beautiful, but also little surreal! Divers and snorkelers have the opportunity to admire original sculptures like the Dream Collector in the photo above, or The Silent Evolution in the top photo in this post. It consists of 450 life sized sculptures. 

The museum is not only for the benefit of visitors - it will also hopefully promote the growth of new coral, which will form on the sculptures. The cast of a Volkswagen above was submerged in 2011, and is designed to allow for fish and marine life to enter the car - the perfect home for a lobster or two! What a fascinating idea, and a beautiful thing to discover when snorkelling in Cancun.  For more information, have a look at www.aquaworld.com.mx

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  1. What a cool museum. I don't think it was around when I was in Cancun. Definately something to see.