19 February, 2013

Life under the ocean wave...

Look at the photo below, and you might think I'm featuring a beach hotel on a stunning island somewhere. However today's featured location is something you won't ever have seen before.

When I tell you that it's called The Poseidon Undersea Resort, and you see the photo below, you may start to appreciate just how unusual this luxury hotel is, or will be when it opens (it's in the final stages)! It's the world's first seafloor resort, and the only place where you can spend the night in luxury, 40ft under the sea. It's in a beautiful lagoon off the shore of a private island in Fiji, and has just 25 underwater suites as well as a restaurant; bar, and gym.

The complex is accessed via an elevator from the shore of the island, but you don't have to spend all your time underwater! There are additional hotel rooms on the island itself if the underwater suites are too much for you. There is also a spa, tennis courts, and a nine-hole golf course. 

It's not yet open, but if you think it would be the sort of place for you, then click here and you can leave your details so the resort can contact you when they start taking bookings. Awesome!

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