14 December, 2012

Travel Photo Friday: Castara kids

I love today's photo, and the story behind it is even better. Steve Wooler has the tale...

Each year, an organisation on Trinidad brings over parties of under-privileged kids to Tobago, from the poorer parts of Port of Spain and possibly other parts of Trinidad. They enjoy a week or so camping on the playing fields outside Les Coteaux (a short distance from the old Arnos Vale Waterwheel) and during the week they are taken out to enjoy various activities. One of their regular events is a day out on Castara's main beach - and this photo shows the kids enjoying various activities on the beach.

Great photo Steve, thanks so much for your contribution. If you want to know more about Tobago, then I can highly recommend Steve's website - www.myTobago.info, it's a great source of information for anyone visiting the island.

If you have a travel photo you'd like me to feature, please get in touch through the email address on my contact page. Thanks in advance.

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