20 November, 2012

A crooked gem - Little Moreton Hall

My blog post today features an iconic Tudor manor house in Northwest England. To be honest, you have to visit this attraction as the photos below don't do it justice. The stunning, quirky timber-framed building has totally defied logic for over 500 years, and that's because it's......for want of a better phrase......higglety pigglety!

Some floors of the hall are so crooked and uneven (see photo below) that you feel like you've had one drink too many, or that you're on a ship! In fact I have a challenge for you - visit, and try and spot a straight line. It won't be easy!

We took a free guided tour to hear the story of the Hall, and it's definitely the best way to discover the history of the building. Expect lots of great stories about life in the 1600's, and you'll also discover the origin of some words we still use nowadays.

A visit here would also be great for kids - there are quizzes for them to do; Tudor clothes for them to try on, and Tudor boardgames for them to play.

We visited on a freezing cold winter's day, and the hall was very cold, so make sure you wrap up well, and if you need a cuppa to warm up, there is a restaurant (which uses seasonal produce from the garden) and tea room (picture amazing home-made cakes!) on site.

Visiting Little Moreton Hall is one of the best days out I've had in the North West of England, and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you want more information, visit the National Trust website here.

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