07 September, 2012

Travel Photo Friday: Curacao Floating Market

Today's photo is a colourful contribution from Linda Thompkins, so over to Linda for more details.

This photo was taken at the 'Floating Market' in Curacao. If you're not familiar with the island, it's located less than 44 miles off the coast of Venezuela, and is part of the ABC islands (Aruba, bonaire, and Curacao) which are all outside the Caribbean hurricane belt. The colourful, bustling market has been around for decades; has become part of life on Curacao and is a favourite tourist attraction. The market vendors are actually from Venezuela, and sail to Curacao to sell their fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Here you can find exotic fruits you have never see or heard of along with plantains, mangos and coconuts.

The Venezuelan men live on their boats for approximately 6-8 months. The long row of boats are anchored at the back of the vending stands, which explains the term 'floating' market. Additional supply boats arrive daily from Venezuela to restock, and bring news letter and packages from back home. Top tip: The best time to stop at the market is before noon.

Wow Linda, what a great photo, and a fantastic story to go with it! You can read more from Linda on her twitter page @justatraveler I'd love to hear more travel tales from my followers, so if you have a photo you'd like to contribute please get in touch on the address on my contact page. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

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