06 August, 2012

Fiat Fetish!

When you're on holiday, do you ever find yourself getting a little obsessed with taking photos of one particular subject? It might be a beautiful sunset, or it could be a beach scene. On almost every holiday I go on, I seem to have an attraction to one thing or another, and when I was in Italy, it was the Fiat 500!

These iconic little cars are so cute, and in Italy, they're EVERYWHERE! There are old, well-loved ones on streets. Beautiful cars that, despite their age, are still looked after by their also ageing owners.

There are also quirky ones that have been 'pimped' over the years (see below!). So instead of thinking that all I was going to go home with was photo after photo of cars, I filled up my memory card with countless shots, and the more I captured, the more I realised I had a complete crush. Mind you, what's wrong with that - after all, everyone loves a little holiday romance!

Come on, reveal your own photographic infatuations - what are you obsessed with?

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