27 July, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - 2012 Olympic Special 1

Today is a very special day for sportsmen and women throughout the world. The London 2012 Olympic games begins today, and to honour the event, I'm doing something new here on Travel Lightbulb. My Travel Photo Friday is not just one photo, but two. Not only that, but this theme is going to continue on Friday's over the next three weeks while the games are on. So....now to tell you the tale of today's two photos.

My husband was cycling through the village of Rostherne in Cheshire, and just about fell of his bike when he saw straw figures, like the one in the photo above, all around residents houses! They were so good that the next day, he insisted we head out in the car to see them.

He was right - they're SUPERB! Today's photos are just a little taster of what's to come....prepare for swimmers, cyclists, and comedy over the next few weeks! Oh and enjoy the Olympics!

If you have a photo you'd like to contribute from your travels, then send it to me at travellightbulb@hotmail.co.uk. Please include your name; and a short paragraph telling me where, and when the photo was taken. All contributions are welcome!

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