18 July, 2012

An adventure paradise in Tanzania.

Today's post features a place that has been described as one of Africa's most remarkable hotels. Chole Mjini Lodge is located in Tanzania; south of Zanzibar, on a tiny tropical island called Chole. There are no roads; no cars; no electricity, and no computers - it really is the ultimate place to get away from it all.

There are also no rooms here....instead there are seven treehouses, which are open to the elements. All have views of the sea, and most have a second level to accomodate families. They also have their own private bathing area which is located below the houses with open-air showers. The treehouses are simple, but stylish and who needs anything other than that when you can fall asleep to the sounds of the waves in a jungle island paradise?

So apart from totally chilling out, what is there to do on the island I hear you ask. Well, there are excursions planned every day (tide dependent) from sunset sailing to snorkelling and swimming with whale sharks, or watching turtles hatch.

Dinner each night is in a different setting, and you can choose if you want to eat on your own, or with other guests. The food is simple, and dominated by a variety of seafood caught that day, with plenty of fresh vegetables and salads.

If you want a luxurious air conditioned en-suite room, then this is not the place for you. However if you want to discover your inner Indiana Jones and are looking for a trip that provides you with paradise and adventure, then you cannot go wrong with Chole Mjini.

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