25 June, 2012

Unusual week: Plane sailing in Stockholm

Since starting this blog, I have come across several incredibly unusual hotels, and I decided to feature a couple in a week I've named "Unusual week" here on Travel Lightbulb! Today's incredible place to stay is like no other I've ever seen. It's certainly original, and before I tell you more about it, the photo below says it all.

Amazing or what?! Yes, that's right.....it is actually an old Boeing 747 - the first in the world to be converted into a hostel with more than 30 rooms. It sits on a disused runway at Stockholm airport, and is a 15 minute walk from the main terminal, or via a shuttle bus which takes just 5 minutes.

The plane was previously used by various airlines including Pan Am and Singapore, and has certainly been given a new lease of life! Some spaces are multi-occupancy dorms, while others like the flight deck (see photo below) are en-suite double bedrooms, so don't be put off by the term 'hostel'. The Cockpit suite has its own bathroom with shower.

The first class cabin has been converted into a 24 hour cafe, and there are plans to convert the engines into rooms, and also utilise the wings. The fixtures and fittings of the jumbo have mostly been retained (the signs notifying you where the emergency exits are still exist); however on renovating the aircraft,  they added things like wi-fi and flat-screen TVs to make the experience more pleasant.

Jumbo Stay is obviously a very practical option if you're on an early flight out of Stockholm. It makes a a change from a boring airport hotel, and is actually one of the cheapest places to stay at the airport. When I saw the photo of the flight deck room, I totally got it -  how could you resist that room, even if it's for the sheer novelty factor! Unless you're one of the lucky ones who can afford to turn left on entering a plane, I can imagine sleeping here could be the best night's sleep you'll ever have on a plane! If you'd like more information on this fantastic place to stay, please click here.

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