29 June, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Football Focus

As well as travel, another of my passions is sport. Today's photo was taken at Wembley Stadium before a football game. I was walking to my seat, and looked up to see the sun setting behind the famous arena, and thought it made for a nice silhouette! For those who aren't into sport, the stadium was opened in 2007, and was built on the site of the old Wembley stadium. It holds 90,000 spectators, and the Wembley Arch is an iconic sight. It spans 1,040 ft, and is the longest single span roof structure in the world. It's so high it even requires beacons for low flying aircraft!

I'm always looking for contributors for this feature, so if you have a travel photo you'd like to share, just send it to me using the email address on my contact page, and include a short paragraph about where it was taken. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

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