11 May, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - A French Chateau

I love receiving contributions from followers of my blog, and today's Travel Photo was taken by Alex Proctor Pearson. So let's find out more....

The photo is of Yvoire Chateau in France on Lake Geneva. You can get to the village of Yvoire by car, but the best way is by paddle steamer either from Geneva or directly across the lake from Lausanne. Pedestrian only cobbled streets flanked either side by various arts and craft shops.

Top tip: There is a great restaurant at the top of the high street (Restaurant la vielle Porte) which has a terrace overlooking the village and lake where the local speciality is filet de perche, which is fish from the lake cooked in lemon and butter - a local speciality for lake dwellers.

Thanks for the contribution Alex. If you would like to see more of Alex's photos, then take a look at his photography website www.appphotographs.com. If you have a photo of your own that you'd like to see featured here, then please send it to travellightbulb@hotmail.co.uk with a short paragraph about where it was taken and you could see it right here on Travel Lightbulb in the coming weeks!


  1. Less than an hour from our house, I will have to explore this on our next trip up to Geneva!!!

    1. Brilliant! Make sure you let me know what you think when you visit :o)