02 April, 2012

What ingredients give a great holiday the X factor?

I can hardly believe it's already a month since my last Monday travel ramblings, but time clearly flies when you're having fun! I certainly had a lot of that having spent most of the month discovering the fantastic island of Tobago. While I was away I was thinking about writing this post, and a question popped into my head - what makes a truly memorable holiday?

Personally, the weather plays a huge part for me. Living in the UK, I'm so used to grey skies at this time of year that seeing the bright blue sky has a big influence on the way I feel. Destination is also key, experiencing a new place can be exciting but there's also something lovely about returning to a place you've been before and feeling at home.

I don't always stay in hotels when I travel (as you may have gathered by the unique places I feature on this blog!) but a great host can also be the difference between a good holiday, and a memorable one. If you are travelling with kids, then a family friendly destination is obviously going to make a trip more enjoyable and stress free. If you're travelling as a couple, then escaping the crowds may be the key ingredient.

In my opinion a great holiday doesn't have to be expensive; it doesn't have to be in a certain place, but I believe that your destination, and travel companions are the most important thing - after all, our travels are only what we make them. Those are my views, but I'd love to hear yours! Leave your comments below, or on twitter or facebook.

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