06 April, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Rome at dusk

We are heading to Italy for today's travel photo, which comes from Shanna. Let's hear more about it....

This photo was taken as we were eating dinner at one of those cute outdoor cafes that are all over Rome. The sun had just set, and the street lights were coming on creating a romantic glow. During the daytime hours, the heat in Rome in August is sweltering. The evening ritual of "La Passeggiata" brings everyone out of their buildings to enjoy walking in the cool evening air. This was one of our favourite evenings in Italy!

If you haven't been to Italy 'passeggiata' is a ritual where Italians dress up, and take a gentle stroll as the sun goes down. To read more about Shanna's trip to Rome, visit her blog post about it here, and if you'd like one of your own photos to be featured on Travel Lightbulb, then send it to me at travellightbulb@hotmail.co.uk. Please include your name; and a paragraph about where and when the photo was taken. All contributions are welcome!

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