16 April, 2012

Transylvania without the bite!

Few would argue that Transylvania, a historical region in the central part of Romania, is a relatively undiscovered part of the world. It is often associated with Bram Stoker's novel Dracula (I may as well get that mention out of the way in the first paragraph!) but it's also a region with rich history, and scenic beauty. Many would say it feels like you have travelled back in time.

Photo courtesy of www.copsamare.ro
Copsamare Guesthouses are a perfect haven for relaxation and discovery in the heart of Transylvania. They are situated in the unspoiled Saxon village of Copsa Mare itself, just two kilometers away from Biertan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Photo courtesy of www.copsamare.ro
There are just six rooms spread across a few separate houses. All have been restored with traditional architecture, and decorated with local furniture. The price of your stay includes bed and breakfast, but lunch and dinner are also available with 24 hours notice.

Photo courtesy of www.copsamare.ro
So what is there to do in this area? Well there are plenty of local villages to visit, but if you want to get more active, the region is perfect for horse riding; trekking; cycling, and you can also go wine tasting and truffle hunting!

Photo courtesy of www.copsamare.ro
One of the best things about this part of the world is the fact that it's relatively tourist free, and that you can enjoy the sights and sounds of local life without sharing your experience with other travellers. If you'd like more information on the Copsamare Guesthouses, visit the official website here.

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  1. I had not heard much about Transylvania before, but your post is a good guide to begin with. Tourist free places are always so calm. Lovely post.