11 April, 2012

'The new way of eating' in Edinburgh at Maison Bleue

On a recent trip to Edinburgh, I discovered a superb restaurant that I'd recommend to anyone visiting the city. The list of places to eat in Edinburgh is quite extensive and making the correct decision on which part of the city to eat in (never mind which restaurant!) is not easy. So if you're looking for somewhere a little bit different, then I highly recommend Maison Bleue.

It's located in Victoria Street, in the heart of the old town, which has started to draw more people to that area since the addition of places like The Missoni Hotel. The restaurant is made of a series of atmospheric small rooms, and there are lovely features throughout - a spiral wooden staircase, and stone arches add to the restaurant's charm. So why does it stand out from other restaurants in the Scottish capital? Well the menu is very different for a start.

It offers French, North African and traditional Scottish cuisine, and does each one brilliantly. I started with haggis balls in beer batter; clapshot (turnip and potatoes), and whisky sauce - simply devine, with deliciously spicy haggis! I went North African for my main, with a tagine of lamb - it was served on the bone, and simply fell away with the slightest touch of my fork! I finished 'en France' with a delicious cheeseboard from Ian Mellis - one of Scotland's leading cheesemongers.

The atmosphere in Maison Bleue was great. It's lively without being too noisy (you could easily have a romantic meal here) and the staff are attentive without being overpowering. Being from Edinburgh, I've been eating in the city for many years, and as the sign outside says, this really is "the new way of eating". If you'd like to know more about Maison Bleue, then visit their official website www.maisonbleuerestaurant.com.

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