24 February, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Amazing Africa

Today's photo comes from Diana, who took it on a trip to Africa a few years ago. I think you'll agree it's one of the most stunning contributions so far. Over to Diana...

A few years ago, I decided (smartly or maybe not so smartly) to take an overland trip in Africa by myself for five weeks. One of the stops was at Namibia's Petrified Forest which is where this picture was taken. As you can see, it isn't exactly a traditional forest, but what is amazing is that these trees washed up here in a flood estimated to have occurred over 280 million years ago - that's before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth!

What a stunning shot! The colours are amazing, and you've got to love a picture with a story. Diana writes her own blog (www.justwanderlustblog.com) and, like me, loves to find off the beaten track places.

If you'd like to contribute to this Friday feature on my blog, send your name; a photo, and a short description to: travellightbulb@hotmail.co.uk.


  1. What a fantastic photo Diana - well done for capturing the feeling of the petrified forest. Amazing colours.

  2. That really is a stunning shot with an amazing story. I've been to the Petrified Forest in Arizona which is quite different, of course. But still beautiful with ancient stories. Would love to see this one in Namibia.

  3. Thanks for posting my pic, Mandy! I totally want to go back! Namibia was incredible.