11 January, 2012

Staying under the water in Sweden

If you like snorkelling and aquariums; you may love the location of today's blog post........if you're claustrophobic, it may not be for you! We're off to Sweden, and a place called 'Utter Inn' (Otter Inn in English). It's an art project by Mikael Genberg, a local artist, which offers underwater accommodation for the public. There is a single room under the water, with panoramic windows allowing you to see the fish outside from your submerged bedroom!

Photo courtesy of www.unusualhotelsoftheworld.com
Guests arrive at the port of Västeras (near Stockholm) and are taken one kilometre out on Lake Mälaren, and given an inflatable boat. After being given the instructions you need, then you're left alone! There is only one room, and it lies 6m below the surface of the lake. It weighs 25 tonnes, and has a solar-panelled roof, and heating and electricity is generated from a car battery.

Photo courtesy of www.unusualhotelsoftheworld.com
Dinner can be delivered by boat in the evening; and you can use your inflatable boat to visit the closest uninhabited island, but don't expect too many luxuries - this experience is almost like camping underwater! Guests also recommend ordering the breakfast, which is left in a cooler with ice packs for you when they drop you off.

Photo courtesy of www.unusualhotelsoftheworld.com
The creator Genberg, says: "My work makes people question their perception about what is safe and secure, and when you experience fear, it sharpens your senses." It does sound like you'd get a bit of an adrenalin kick out of staying here! If you want more information on Utter Inn, then click here.

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