26 September, 2011

Stunning views & cocktails in New York

I'm sure anyone who has been will agree that New York City is a magical place. The first time I visited; I found it strangely familiar, because I had seen the city in hundreds of films over the years. That feeling is quite comforting in a place that could be seen as daunting with people going about their business like bustling little ants, and the city's grid system of streets (confusing at first, but easy when you know how). Before my second trip to NYC, I stumbled upon a review of a bar that sounded like it was too cool to miss - and it turned out to be exactly that!  

Photo courtesy of Rare Bar & Grill

As a tourist in New York you constantly spend your time looking up at the skyscrapers and monuments all over the city, but at the Rare View Rooftop Garden it's a different story. Located in the Affinia Shelburne Hotel (Lexington Avenue, between 37th & 38th St.) you get a panoramic view of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler building, and for once, you don't have to crane your neck to see them! 

Photo courtesy of Rare Bar & Grill
I went with my Mum and the view is so breathtaking, we barely spoke when we were there! As the Chrysler Building is my favourite building in the world, I was totally mesmerized. Rumour has it that Fred Astaire loved to play the rooftop miniature golf course that used to be here; but that's now gone and instead there are 'bar beds', fairy lights, and of course the spectacular views!

Photo courtesy of Rare Bar & Grill
This is definitely a summer special (in fact, the outdoor bar closes during the winter months), and is certainly one of New York City's best kept secrets.

Do you have a favourite view in NYC? What and where is the best rooftop bar you've been to?

Click here for more details on Rare View.

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  1. NYC is the greatest place on earth! I can't get enough of it!