28 September, 2011

A two week holiday anyone?

A recent survey has found that more and more people are opting for a ten day holiday, rather than the traditional two weeks. It made me wonder whether this is the start of what I see as a terrible new trend. Is it just me, or do you really only begin to relax at the end of week one? It's only then that I start to genuinely unwind, and forget about all the stresses and strains of day to day life. Week two is always the time where I really enjoy my break, and hardly think about all the things I have to do when the holiday is over.

An interesting point in the survey were the reasons for people cutting their holidays short. Cost was certainly a factor, which is no surprise in the current economic climate. However what I found...well just plain sad actually, was that many people said they shortened their breaks because they missed their home comforts.

One of the only things I enjoy about returning from holiday, is climbing into my own bed! Apart from that, I could quite easily stay on a perma-vacation if money allowed! So could the rest of us benefit from this? While the people who miss the comforts of their domestic lives; pine for English tea, and their favourite television programmes, those of us who love travelling can relish new experiences, and make the most of the fact that they'll be flying home before we will!

What do you think? Is the two week holiday really in decline? Apart from family and friends, do you miss anything from home when you're on vacation?

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  1. I can understand why people may be turning their backs on two weeks hols for financial reasons, but missing your home comforts? That is sad as you say! Who wouldn't want to be exploring other countries and experiencing new things? I'll stick to my two week vacations thanks!