12 May, 2017

Delicious street food in Rome

One of my main aims when I visited Rome was to find some fabulous 'cibo di strada' (street food) to share with you on here, and wow I found a gem! Supplizio is a little shop specialising in 'suppli' - Italian snacks that are native to Rome. They're normally eaten as starters before pizza, but I find they're a cheap and delicious replacement for lunch.

The menu is written on a chalkboard on the wall behind the bar, and as you can see suppli dominates here, but why would you want anything else when they're so delicious! So what are they I hear you ask? Fried balls of rice with several varieties of yummy fillings such as ragu, and cheese & pepper - it's hard to decide what to go for! 

I tried the classico and the carbonara and they were both just yummy! I also had a generously poured glass of beautiful Lazio wine and it was one of my favourite meals in Rome...sometimes the simple things can be the most delicious!

There isn't table service at Supplizio, instead you order at the counter and the food is served on paper plates. Don't let this put you off....your suppli won't be around long enough for you to care - they're SO delicious!

Top tip: The shop is on Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 143 - a picturesque cobbled street that's well worth visiting. It's home to local and organic shops, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. There's also a great wine shop (Vino Olio) at No. 14!

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