24 February, 2017


Travel is my passion, and one of the main reasons I work so hard is to be able to go on amazing trips to all sorts of places around the world. 

I'm very excited about 2017, because this year I'll be marking a milestone birthday and I plan to do it in style! 

I'm planning various trips throughout the year to all sorts of places, and can't wait to tell you all about them! I'm hoping to discover lots of things to feature on Travel Lightbulb, so watch this space!

Some people are terrified of milestones, but I'll never understand why - as someone once said to me "it's better than the alternative"! It's time to embrace a new decade, and I plan to do it with passion...bring it on!

17 February, 2017

Travel Photo Friday: Rome in Winter

When I think of Rome, it conjures up images of sightseeing on warm sunny days, and sitting at cafes watching the world go by. I have decided to visit the city in the winter time, to see it without the huge crowds and long queues at the main sights.

The reason for my trip? Well pop back to my blog next week and you'll find out! Arrivederci!

10 February, 2017

Valentine's Day ideas in London

I am a big romantic, but sometimes find the idea of going out on Valentine's day a bit cheesy! So I've come up with a few ideas for things to do in London on the big day, which are more about getting out and enjoying the company of your loved one, rather than spending a fortune on a meal where you might feel forced to have a good time!

Why not head to Kew Gardens? From the 4th of February - 5th March, their Orchids Festival returns. It's inspired by the vibrant colours of India, and this year's festival will feature giant floral displays created using exotic orchids, rickshaws and Indian sounds.

If you're an old romantic, then there's always Keat's House, said to be the most romantic house in London. This is where John Keats fell in love with Fanny Brawne, the lady who inspired his most passionate poetry. They're holding an evening viewing, where you can listen to Keats's romantic poems and love-letters, and enjoy live jazz at a pop-up bar. Booking is essential and includes a complimentary glass of fizz!

And finally, you could head to the UK Magic Lantern Festival. It runs from the 19th of January until the 26th of February, and is part of the UK wide celebration of Chinese New Year. Visitors will discover incredible life-sized and oversized lantern scenes at this stunning outdoor event. 
Whatever you do for valentine's day, enjoy yourself.....and feel the love!

03 February, 2017

Friday's lightbulb: Kotor, Montenegro

The coastal town of Kotor is situated along one of the world's most beautiful bays on the Montenegro coast. It's an old Mediterranean port and with huge limestone cliffs, the town and its surrounding area form an impressive and very picturesque landscape.

Kotor is a very atmospheric place. The town is a maze of museums; churches, and cafe filled squares and is a great place for people watching!

 The daily market is well worth a visit. Locals come to stock up on fish, fresh vegetables ad local cheeses. It runs along the city walls, and is open every morning. The prosciutto and smoked cheese are worth buying. 

Top tip: The bay of Kotor looks incredible from sea level, but is even more impressive from above. For the best view, head to the medieval citadel (the main entrance is near the river gate) to get your entrance ticket, and begin the ascent up the stone staircase. It takes you all the way up to the old walls to the Castle of St John, a fort dating back to the sixteenth century.